Enjoy Our Awesome Cookies and Bars!

Oatmeal Raisin: This is a WHEAT FREE cookie made with oat flour instead of wheat flour.  It is not baked in a gluten free facility.  It contains a delicious mix of spices and gooey raisins!

Ingredient List:  Rolled oats, oat flour, unsalted butter, sugar, brown sugar, raisins, eggs, cornstarch, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, xanthum gum.

Gingersnap:  This is a chewy gingersnap cookie with 4 spices: ginger,cloves, cinnamon and cardamon. It is a best seller with kids and adults alike.

Ingredient List: Unbleached bread flour, sugar, unsalted butter, molasses, eggs, white vinegar, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, demerara sugar

Chocolate Chip:  Due to popular demand we added plain chocolate chip to our selection. This is a WHEAT FREE cookie made with a blend of oat flour and rice flour.  It is a soft chewy chocolate chip with a delicious buttery flavor!

Ingredient List:  Semisweet chocolate chips (56% cocoa), unsalted butter, eggs, Domata flour(rice flour, corn starch, tapioca dextrin, xanthan gum, rice extract), oat flour, brown sugar, sugar, salt, baking soda, vanilla

Chocolate Chunky Brownie:  This is a WHEAT FREE fudgy brownie with semisweet chocolate chips, coconut and raisins - a true chunky delight!

Ingredient List:    Sugar, eggs, semisweet chocolate (56% cocoa), coconut, unsalted butter, cocoa powder, Domata flour (rice flour, corn starch, tapioca  dextrin, xanthan gum, rice extract), salt, vanilla


Blondie Bar:  A decadent chocolate chip bar with semisweet and white chocolate chips plus pecans and a whole lot of butter and brown sugar!

Ingredient List:  Unbleached flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, chopped pecans, semisweet chocolate (56% cocoa), white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, nonfat dry milk, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanilla), eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder, salt

Pumpkin Spice Blondies:  Throughout the fall we offer these moist pumpkin spice blondies to satisfy the desire for everything pumpkin spice!  It has yummy semisweet chocolate chips and of course the typical pumpkin spices of cinnamon and nutmeg along with pumpkin puree. It is offered in our fall baskets as well.

Ingredients List:  Unbleached flour, semisweet chocolate chips, pumpkin puree, unsalted butter, raisins, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, baking soda, salt

Peppermint Brownies:  This rich fudgy brownie is offered during the winter to go along with a cup of hot chocolate or tea for those chilly winter nights. It has peppermint flavor in addition to the rich chocolate taste!  It is a treat included in some of our winter baskets! 

Ingredients List:  Unbleached flour, sugar, eggs, unsalted butter, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, salt, baking powder

Coconut Macaroons:  These delicious balls of unsweetened coconut have their bottoms dipped in rich chocolate and crushed almonds. They are a spring and summer delicacy that we sell at Farmer’s Markets and Festivals. You also may find them at Hampton Coffee Company locations on the east end of Long Island. 

Ingredients List:  Unsweetened coconut, sweetened condensed milk, egg whites, almond extract, crushed almonds, semisweet chocolate

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark: Rich dark chocolate covered with chopped peppermint and drizzled with melted white chocolate. Bags of this delicious treat are an option in our holiday baskets.

Ingredients List:  Dark Belgian chocolate (54.5% cocoa), crushed peppermint candy, white chocolate, and peppermint extract

Sugar Cookies:  A delicious buttery sugar cookie that we offer throughout the year in our baskets and at festivals. We also offer a bag of mini sugar cookies as an option in our holiday baskets.

Ingredients List:  Unbleached flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, salt

Icing:  powdered sugar, dried egg whites, water, vanilla extract, sugar sprinkles

Gingerbread Cookies: Nothing reminds me of the holidays more than the smell of gingerbread cookies baking! These are added to our holiday baskets and sold at our holiday fairs only.  They are also offered in bags of mini gingerbread men and stars during the holidays.

Ingredients List:  Unbleached flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, molasses, eggs, ground ginger, baking powder, cinnamon, cloves, salt, nutmeg